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Our cleaners are very important to our business and play one of the most critical functions. Our image matters to us and we believe the most lasting impressions are created on the first visit. This is why we take the job of our cleaners very seriously!

Our cleaners perform the following:

  • Keep our front and back areas clean and free of debris and water. This will require mopping of floors with disinfectant multiple times and as required throughout the day.
  • Clean tables and chairs within the restaurant periodically throughout the day to make sure they free of food smear, food, and other debris
  • Keep plates and glassware off all tables immediately the following use
  • Wash plates, silverware, cups, pots as required and the when necessary
  • Inspect toilets on the hour and keep toilets cleaned, mopped and stocked with paper towel, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap, women sanitary towels
  • Empty trash cans in restaurant, kitchen and rest rooms periodically
  • Keep an inventory of cleaning supplies and call our need to order more when low

Required Experience

  • 2-3 years of serving as a cleaner within a restaurant setting
  • Understanding of cleaning materials and dangers associated with mixing chemicals

Desired Skillsets

  • Good verbal and decent written communication
  • Punctuality
  • Clean appearance
  • Ability to stand for 5-8 hours of work

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